1. Do you think there are Alisemily (?) shippers that are like, “How dare you!” I doubt it. People are real nutty about Paige and that’s generally a one lightning-rod situation. Also, if your thing is Emily and Alison?, I wouldn’t know what to tell you. Plus I like where this goes, so much, where Emily is like:

    "Dear young lesbians. Sometimes beautiful girls — often without even knowing it — will enjoy the feeling of your feelings more than they care about separating out what is actually what. If you are looking for a fan club to join, and they are looking for a fan club, those things can look like love. Even to each other. There comes a point where one person is saying, I would do anything for you, and the other person is saying I would do anything to KEEP you, and those sentences sound like they mean the same thing but in fact are opposites. But have no fear! Eventually your body will know; it will learn the difference between gay ones and straight ones — or, the yes ones and no ones, the ones and zeroes — and you will stop torturing yourself (and torturing them with the ability to torture you with it). Aim for that. Everybody stays honest, and you can both concentrate on being better friends when you stop thinking that just wishing hard enough is going to change a thing you already, in fact, know but don’t want to admit."

    I mean, there’s more wiggle room with ladies and I realize that, but as a gay dude whose life changed utterly when I decided to only hook up with actual other gay dudes from here on out, I can tell you that things are both much simpler and much more complicated than you think. There are a million ways to love and be loved, but only a very few that last, or make you feel better and not worse in the end.

    Jacob Clifton nailing it some more in his Pretty Little Liars recaps over at Television Without Pity
  2. Holy lord, I just had the most shocking realization. This explains … everything.
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    Holy lord, I just had the most shocking realization. This explains … everything.

  3. If I say it out loud, if I say, “I’m gay,” the whole world is gonna change.

    Yeah. It will.

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  5. "I don’t kill. But I don’t lose, either." (Batgirl #8)

  6. McCullers head-dip: Light of my life.

  7. (Don’t be mad! You know I love her!)
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    (Don’t be mad! You know I love her!)