1. What's your favorite crack!ship?

    Oh, easy: Fabrastings.

    Spencer and Quinn meet at Yale’s freshman orientation and hate each practically on sight. They end up as lab partners, duh, and by Christmas time, they’re finally ready to admit that they’re in-fucking-sane about each other, in a bodice-ripping way. But lo! There’s a knock at Quinn’s door, and guess who’s come to visit for the holiday? It’s Rachel Berry.

    1. imonlyallowedupstairs said: Quinn is the only one who can make sense of Spencer’s hats.
    2. rin-says said: No.
    3. corikane said: can I borrow your imagination to fic this? it’s limitless! kane.
    4. alittlemomentum said: you’ve read possibilist’s fabrastings fics, yes?
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