1. What's your favorite Pretty Little moment from each of the Pretty Little Liars so far?

    Jiminy Cricket, this is a tough one!

    Emily: When she grabbed Paige’s neck and said, “Don’t look away.” It was such a surprise that they managed to keep that scene under wraps, and also it was pretty shocking to see Emily breaking free from mourning Maya and being shackled by “A” and also stepping out from under her friends’ and family’s expectations. Emily’s never just gone for it like that before. It was super bad ass and sexy as hell. Runner up: GLASS IN HER HAIR.

    Spencer: That scene in Spencer’s bedroom where she and Aria are trying on clothes for Noel Kahn’s party and giggling on the bed about how Spencer’s Nana bribed her to cut off her dad’s sideburns when she was a kid. That may have just been all Troian/Lucy, but it felt real and wonderful and, I mean, you’d have to have that kind of bond with your best friend to stay in a place like Rosewood, wouldn’t you? Might as well laugh while you have the chance; tomorrow one of you dies. Runner up: “OK, but can you be creeped out and eat at the same time? Faster? We both know what happens to me when my blood sugar drops.”

    Aria: When she caught her mom and that coffee shop guy having breakfast in Ella’s classroom. I just think Lucy and HMC play really well off of each other. Like Lorelai/Rory well, almost. It was sweet and funny and I wish we got to see twice as much Ella and negative a billion times as much Byron the Worst. Runner up: Every time she wears clothes.

    Hanna: The time when she and Spencer are trying to hack into Caleb’s “hot spot” or whatever and Spencer is screaming, “Ctrl + A! Ctrl + A!” but Hanna thinks she is saying, “Control A! Control A!” And she goes, “THAT’S WHAT WE’RE TRYING TO DO.” Runner up: “Do you want to split some cheese fries?” “No, I want my own.”

    1. cunextues said: What about when Em was grilling Paige about dating Hanna’s ex who is like “its weird isnt it?” and Em was like “That’s not really why it’s weird is it?” Or when Hanna ordered salad to soak up the cheese from her cheese fries. Also all of Em’s kisses x
    2. nolitetimere said: These all made me laugh. And realize that what I should probably do over Christmas break is not talk to my family, but re-watch this show from season 1.
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