1. Do you think it would make sense if it was revealed that Mona was/is in love (and/or just obsessed) with Alison? That is why she want her gone so much - because Alison bullied her so much while Mona was so in love with her? We've seen Mona wanting to be their friend (Byron cheating flashback); Mona kissing Ali's forehead and taking her advice on a makeover to heart; making Hanna into a "safe" version of Ali. She also had plastered the motel room with pics of Ali before Ali ran away.

    I can’t decide if it’s really about Ali or really about Hanna, but I’m pretty sure it’s one of them (and I’m pretty sure it’s Hanna). #PoorMona. Loving straight girls will make you do the most adrenalized hyperreal things. 

  2. You can ask the person who does the outfit designs on pll 5 things. What are they?

    1) Will you please only put Spencer in messy ponytails and hoodies from now on?

    2) Can we have more theme parties that require Paige McCullers to wear costumes? (i.e. hoedown, Halloween, etc.)

    3) Do you agree that Hanna’s deal right now is her sexiest style situation ever?

    4) Is there ever a reason to cover Shay Mitchell’s collarbones? 

    5) Skulls, though?

  3. I am just gonna go ahead and bet the world that it was Em who sent Ali the text with the leave & die threat. (Not really.) # I actually think her attitude and behaviour last ep was kinda sane and appropriate regarding dealing with A - no dicking around. (though, all she thought about was finding a way to convince Ali to stay) # I don't think she stayed up all night to watch over Ali, as I've seen several think, but rather more like "no way my heart can deal with lying under the covers with Ali."

    Every since Emily grabbed that steel rake and started STAB STAB STABBING at that hay at the hoedown trying to gouge out the guts of whichever red coat was in there, I have suspected she was showing signs of no-nonsense bloodlust. Maybe you’re right: Maybe her desire to protect Ali has finally helped her flip the switch to kung fu Nancy Drew. 

  4. I'm confused about something you said in your recap. How was the way Emily acted in this episode similar to what Paige did that made Emily break up with her?

    I was interpreting it like: Emily broke up with Paige because Paige was trying to coerce her to make the decisions she thought were safest, taking away Emily’s autonomy and forcing her hand for selfish and unselfish reasons. And that’s what Emily seemed to be doing with Ali. Like, she thought leaving town was the safest thing and Emily was like, “ABSOLUTELY NOT AND FUCK YOU HANNA FOR HELPING.” Seeing Emily seethe at Hanna was more traumatizing to me than anything that has happened with Paige and Emily. It’s Hanna, man. HANNA. 

  5. Curious if you get screeners ahead for all PLL episodes or was Shadow Play an exception? *Promise, not asking for spoilers* lol

    PLL very very rarely gives out screeners anymore. They used to do both the summer and winter premieres and finales, but now the secrets of Rosewood are guarded like a lair full of chickpeas. 

  6. I am a paily and emison shipper. Wish your recaps were less biased, and you could celebrate the emison moments with us while we've got them. This triangle seems to have divided the shippers pretty strongly. If they keep redeeming Ali, then I want Emison endgame. If she turns out to be A or same old Ali, then I want Paily endgame. Because even tho Em loved Ali first and more, it's obvious that Paige loves Em more than Ali does. If Ali's love doesn't continue to grow for Emily, then Paily it is!

    I’m definitely excited to see where the show takes the story. I trust these writers implicitly, except about Ezra, which is a bummer for a million reasons, including but not limited to the fact that: Ian Harding is kind of a real life hero. They just miscalculated enormously on that front, I’m afraid.

    If Ali’s feelings for Emily are strong and true, I am excited to see that white-hot love story play out. If Ali’s feelings for Emily are muddled and deeply complicated, I am excited to see that play out too. If Ali is just grasping for power, god help her because Emily and Emison fandom are gonna throttle that girl like Noel Kahn’s robot house! And if Paige and Emily end up together, I’m very happy to see that, obviously, because I adore Paige McCullers and what she represents is more precious than a basement full of lasagna dollars. 

    The key, for me, to interpreting to stories is reacting to what I’m seeing on my screen in the moment. Not what I hope for or what the actors have said or what the writers say or what Ao3 says. And, for me, what I’m seeing right now is Ali’s same old shenanigans plus a healthy dose of understanding about what drives her.

    I do confess, however, that I’m not reacting to this story like an 18-year-old who has grown up in a world making pro-LGBT rights strides unlike anything in history. I am reacting to the story like a 35-year-old who grew up in the deep deep south in a hyper conservative Christian family, disowned by who knows how many friends when I came out, and also as someone who has been studying and writing about lesbian/bi representation in media for 7 years. 

    I have three lifetimes worth of experience and book learning, but also some TV-induced baggage. It’s not enough to sway me to root for Ali and Emily because they’re two sexy ladies who smooched sexily. 

    I was talking to some buddies today about how meta it is that Alison taking on a corporeal form again has divided fandom as much as it has divided the Liars. Maybe we’re all just living inside the matrix of Spencer’s mind. 

    Anyhoodle, that’s me. I think it’s rad as hell that this show is stirring up such interesting conversations in the gay lady community. It’s too much to wish everyone could be cool about it, but I’m a Hufflepuff. And I’m stoked to see what’s in store. 

  7. Come one, come all to Dana Piccoli’s birthday karaoke night! 

    Come one, come all to Dana Piccoli’s birthday karaoke night! 

  8. That’s probably very true. 

    That’s probably very true. 

  9. Heather you're awesome. Do you think Emily is a bad person for loving Alison right now or just blinded? What do you think is going on in the mind of Emily? I also don't ship Emison.

    No, I think Emily is the best person. I think she loves Ali in a true, deep way that is complicated beyond anything we can imagine. Emily loved her.  She was murdered. And so Emily had to deal with that loss without ever having any closure about whether or not Ali actually had feelings for her, and then Ali wasn’t really dead at all, so all of those questions about whether Ali was for real mixed with all those emotions about her really being alive mixed with the sheer terror Emily must feel anytime anyone she loves leaves the house because they all get smacked in the face with a rock and buried in Spencer’s backyard in the end. It makes TOTAL sense to me how Emily is acting. It just gives me the heebies because I don’t trust Ali farther than Aria could throw a Godzilla. 

    I do think the way Emily has treated Paige has been pretty shitty, though. Well. Super shitty really. I can’t decide if she even deserves Paige anymore.