1. Hi Heather! I've been reflecting a lot on my coming out journey in the past few months, because I finally told my parents back in May. Anyway, YOU were a huge part of making me a lot less scared years ago. I googled lesbian, or something, and found AfterEllen. I would go there just to read your recaps. Nowadays I'm an obsessed Autostraddler, so I'm psyched you're there!!

    Well, you just made my whole year. Thank you. And high five for being so frikkin courageous and awesome. 

  2. Favorite gif you haven't used yet ?

  3. I just wanted to congratulate you and say I love your writing. Your Skins recaps made me start watching it (for which I am eternally grateful) and I've followed you ever since. We had a chat once about naming guitars! You never told me yours!

    Oh! Thank you! My guitar’s name is Dolly! 

  4. Hey there, I'm a total tumblr newbie, so maybe you already go this but I just wanted to congratulate you on your new autostraddle job! They've got some amazing writing so I'm sure you'll fit right in :) oh, since this technically a question, here's one: are you still gonna recap agents of shield?

    Thank you so much! I am very excited! I won’t be recapping AoS unless they add a lesbian/bi character (that they don’t kill!), but I will definitely still be watching and live-tweeting with the #superqueeros tag, because I am kind of in love with this season. Such confidence! Such a perfectly Whedony mix of humor and heart and action! Such MELINDA MAY! 

  5. Infinite congratulations! I only started reading your writing recently, and since then I've sought out your writing in an embarrassingly obsessive manner. The first PLL recap of yours I read had me in stitches, and I remember thinking, "How on earth have I been missing this?" So I read more. I can't begin to explain how much your writing has meant to me. So I'll just say that I will gratefully continue to read your writing whenever and wherever you choose to share it. Thank you and good luck!

    That’s so great. You’re so great. Thank you.  I can’t wait to see what hijinks PLL rains down on us next season, and I can’t wait to swoon over it together. 

  6. Congratulations Heather on your new role! I've been offline for a little while & found out reading Riese'svFaking It recap. What awesome news! I found you because of Skins, loved your Coronation Street recaps (still missing Sian hope she's got herself a nice girlfriend in Southpaw) & oh man have I devoured most things you've written since! I'm already a loyal Straddler so can't wait to read you over there. You are a joy.

    Thank you and you know what else? You are a joy! Thank you for sending me such a sweet message and also for making me remember Southpaw!

  7. I started reading AfterEllen because of you and now that you've switched over to Autostraddle (which I never really paid attention to before), I've been perusing the website for about an hour now. So happy for you and I'll definitely be following you over there!

    Thank you, Ritaa! You’re going to find a whole lot of awesome things to at Autostraddle! Also, speaking of love: 

  8. PLL Roundtable!


    Just a reminder, we’ll be doing a PLL Roundtable this Sunday with Heather Hogan and Jacob Clifton, talking about all things from our favorite show.

    We would love to hear hear questions from fans like you, or topics you’d like us to discuss. So, please, feel free to send them our way!

    Heather Hogan: @hhoagie

    Jacob Clifton: @jacobtwop

    Bros Watch PLL Too: @broswatchPLLtoo

    We’re excited about this and looking forward to hearing from you!

    So excite! 

  9. I have no questions or witty remarks. I already congratulated you, but I would like a gif. I got a job today. Is that gif worthy? I can congratulate you again. Yay Heather!!! I am really happy for you and will definitely follow you over there.

    Hey! Congrats, Space Chicken! 

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